Making a Christmas trap beat

Jingle Bells Trap Remix

Happy Holidays. Kyle Beats teaches you how to make a Christmas Trap Beat on FL Studio.


We start by playing Jingle Bells on the keyboard and recording it. Using the Omnisphere vocals to give it that Christmasy vibe. Lay down the trap beat at the end. Bass line, layer it all out and voilá!

Feel free to improvize.

Making a beat in 5 minutes on FL Studio


Kyle Beats

Making a beat in 5 minutes on FL StudioKyle Beats making beats. On this video Kyle Beats creates a beat in 5 minutes. 5 Minute Beat-Making challenge. The idea is to make a beat as good as you can in 5 minutes and then work on it after.

I gave myself 5 MINUTES to make a beat. (making a beat fl studio)

5 Minute Beat-Making Challenge

Make a dope beat in 5 minutes, have fun, experiment.