Martin Garrix making a track live Dutch radio

Making EDM

Martin Garrix

The young Dutch DJ and producer Martin Garrix makes a track live on the radio (Netherlands).

Video from De Avondploeg

With just a laptop and Fruity Loops (FL Studio software) Martin Garrix creates his tracks. How do you make ur beats?

Martin Garrix making music
Martin Garrix making a track with FL Studio

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Martin Garrix making music
Martin Garrix making a track

Ableton tutorial for beginners


Making beats and music on Ableton Live for beginner.

Ableton Live

A 40 minute video from beginning to end in the process of creating a beat / making a song.

aMaking beats Ableton beginners

Make your own beats

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Make your first electronic music beat on Ableton Live

Making Beats

Ableton Live

First time making your own beats and music?

As you might already know, Ableton Live is a great professional tool for creating your own music.

Electronic Music

On this video you will learn how to begin… How to make a house, techno or electronic music beat in Ableton Live, by Beatdrop

Quick start Lesson 1, by BeatDrop

One of the coolest features by Ableton Live is its interface, and there’s two main screens that you need to worry about. These two buttons on the top right side will toggle between the arrangement view and the session view. For now we are going to stay on the session view as we build our beat to this track.

One thing I want to turn your attention to, is the info view window. This little window here, if it’s now to open hit the toggle button and it will spring to life. If you have a question and you are wondering what a button does, just do a mouse over and it will give you an explanation.

Drum beats

Ok, lets get started on building this beat. On the far left we have a bunch of buttons that are kind of browser buttons that help us navigate thru sections from our hard drive.

Making beats . on Ableton Live

The second button opens up the “Live Devices” window. There you will notice three windows: Instruments, MIDI Effects and Audio Effects… we will touch upon those later.

For now toggle down the instruments folder on top. Then we will drag out the “Impulse” instrument and drop it onto our MIDI track. Impulse is an eight cell sampler that is very powerful and very simple at the same time. It is great for building drum beats, and this is what we are going to use to build our beat i this track.

Next step we need to fill the cells with actual sounds to build our drum kit. We will go and click on the file browser and navigate to wherever you downloaded your Live intro folder and start dropping some of the samples in. If you click on them, as long as the headphone icon is clicked on, this will preview the sounds. So take and drag the kick drums and put the first, then the clap second and the hi hat sounds next and so on for the rest of the samples.

Now if you heat the play button you can sample and preview each of those sounds. Solo it, mute it, change volume, transpose, etc.The way that Ableton Live works in the session view is by working with clips, audio clips and MIDI clips. If we double click on this empty space here this will produce a one bar MIDI clip, and this is exactly what we want to do to build this simple drum beat. There is a number of ways to input sounds, and one way we are going to do it is by simply using the mouse (kicking). Turn on the preview button so you can be able to preview all the sound on the piano roll type area.

Layered sounds always sound great!

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