Making a Christmas trap beat

Jingle Bells Trap Remix

Happy Holidays. Kyle Beats teaches you how to make a Christmas Trap Beat on FL Studio.


We start by playing Jingle Bells on the keyboard and recording it. Using the Omnisphere vocals to give it that Christmasy vibe. Lay down the trap beat at the end. Bass line, layer it all out and voilá!

Feel free to improvize.

Making a beat in 5 minutes on FL Studio


Kyle Beats

Making a beat in 5 minutes on FL StudioKyle Beats making beats. On this video Kyle Beats creates a beat in 5 minutes. 5 Minute Beat-Making challenge. The idea is to make a beat as good as you can in 5 minutes and then work on it after.

I gave myself 5 MINUTES to make a beat. (making a beat fl studio)

5 Minute Beat-Making Challenge

Make a dope beat in 5 minutes, have fun, experiment.

Making beats for Jhene Aiko

Video by Gami, collab with @dylanthewave.

Gamin makes music. Ep #90

What is poppin’?

What am I doing today? I’m making beats. my friend Stoopid Lou @stoopidloubeats connected me with a sample-maker, producer and artist called Dylan the Wave.

He sent me some samples, some R&B type vibey samples. I’m going to check them out and make some beats. Recently some Dej Jam guy contacted me..

Gami making beats

It’s very interesting to watch the creative process of making a beat step by step, as you will see on this video.

Making beats with Logic Pro 10 (HezTheProducer)

HezTheProducer in the house with Producergrind 2.0 –

I’m using Logic Pro 10. Shoutout to Logic, we are on producer grind. I will use a melody pack that has not been dropped yet, it’s called Drip Season 2. The artist I made it would be Gunna, a well known artist in Atlanta.

When you are dragging a wave file into Logic it would ask you if you want the tempo that it came with or if you want to adjust it just hit ok and that will automatically set the timing.

We will start adding a clap, that’s how I normally start making a beat, to set the timing. Hit Cue and it automatically quantises. Then we add an accent snare, simple.

You know the hustle don’t stop.

Martin Garrix making a track live Dutch radio

Making EDM

Martin Garrix

The young Dutch DJ and producer Martin Garrix makes a track live on the radio (Netherlands).

Video from De Avondploeg

With just a laptop and Fruity Loops (FL Studio software) Martin Garrix creates his tracks. How do you make ur beats?

Martin Garrix making music
Martin Garrix making a track with FL Studio

Music Production Videos

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Martin Garrix making music
Martin Garrix making a track

Ableton tutorial for beginners


Making beats and music on Ableton Live for beginner.

Ableton Live

A 40 minute video from beginning to end in the process of creating a beat / making a song.

aMaking beats Ableton beginners

Make your own beats

More music tips and video tutorials.

Create your own beats, make your own songs.

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“Feel Good” Major Chords

Learn Piano

Feel Good chords

Piano Tutorials

If you are interested in making catchy music, it is important to understand some piano basics.

Video: Casey from pretty simple music dot com

How do these chords make you feel?

They are all major chords, by the way

Now add a custom beat and you got the beginning of an R&B, slow jam type-of-tune.

From the creator:

This FREE video lesson is to promote the use of “Infinite” chords from my “Play Like YOU” Video Series.

This is a “simplified” and slightly embellished bird’s eye view of a move and tutorial by Russell Ferrante. Ferrante is an amazing pianist, among many. Although these are fantastic chords when playing live, I prefer to use “Infinite” chords, as they never repeat and actually create “unheard of” chord progressions (for an example of “Infinite” chords, please see my other video @ the 1:14-2:00, here –