Making your First Song on FL Studio

Making your first song

FL Studio

First Song

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Making your first song with FL Studio

Video by: DrShankums (2011)

Welcome to my first FL Studio Tutorial. Here you will learn the basics on how to make a song with this music software. Let’s start off new. Go to file, new from template, basic.

First of all, understand the layout, and each section on your screen. The first one is the pattern area, on the the top left. That’s where you create the pieces to your song. On your right is the playlist, that’s where you put all the pieces together to make music, where the magic happens.

Make your first song
Make your first song on FL Studio

Down here is the mixer, here’s where you “mix things”, you add effects, change audio levels, etc.

On top is the tempo speed, click and drag up and down to change it . Let’s start off making a basic drum beat. Click on every fourth to mark the kick and every two to mark the claps.

Add the hi hats and then the snare. You got your first drum beat.

Rename and color it, so you can identify it. We well rename it as “Drums”.

Click to create a second pattern, where we will make the bass.

For this one we will choose “Piano roll” and it will bring out the keyboard.

There you create your bassline, which in this case we are using aa very common progression of major chords. To change the length you just click on the bar and stretch it.

Next step, create a melody. We will make a generic one for this clip.

Now click and drag all your parts on. Then control your volumes, add the play around with the effects and pick the one you like best.

And that’s it!

Congrats, you made your first song on FL Studio.